Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sometimes It's The Small Wins...Day

It's the first week of March.  Midterms to take, papers to write, grad school applications to fill out, beats to produce, etc., etc., etc.  With due date after due date, I am living my life day to day.  But sometimes you have to celebrate the small wins.  So from now on Wednesday is Small Wins...Day.  Today, my old Business Law professor agreed to write a letter of recommendation for my grad school application.  His rule is that he only writes recommendations for students that receive an A in his class, but I was only points away from an A, so he said reluctantly said yes.  All I was looking for was a yes, so I got a small win. On Small Wins...Day.  Go figure.


  1. Professor Cutler! I love him! I can see him being all reluctant too, "...well...okay... Since I don't remember anything negative about you; yes."